Monday, July 19, 2010

Parsifal Fantasia

Music from Parsifal by Richard Wagner set to the Ave Maria scene from Disney's Fantasia. I hope you enjoy it.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Parsifal - A Poem by Paul Verlaine


Parsifal has overcome the gently babbling daughters             
Who'd distract him to desire; despite fleshly delight
That might lure the virgin youth, the temptation
To love their swelling breasts and gentle babble;

He has vanquished fair Womankind, of subtle heart,
Her tender arms outstretched and her throat pale;
From harrowing Hell, he now returns triumphant,
Bearing a heavy trophy in his boyish hands,

With the spear that pierced the Saviour's side!
He who healed the King shall be himself enthroned,
As priest-king and guardian of the sacred treasure.

In golden robe he worships that sign of grace,
The pure vessel in which shines the Holy Blood.
- And, o those children's voices singing in the dome!

Animated Synopsis of Parsifal - The Opera

There is much, much more to the Parsifal Mythos than the Opera. But, if you are interested in the opera, here is an animated synopsis. Silly, but short and watchable.